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See The Only Nigerian Governor That Still Uses His Personal Car, Instead Of Spending Billions On New Cars

By john123 • 3 weeks ago • 469 • 117

The only Nigerian Governor that also uses his personal automobile, rather than defrayal billions on new cars. It is no news that the majority politicians have eyes permanently and exotic cars, only for their comfort, security and sturdiness, we have a tendency to know that such cars doesn' t return low cost we are talking regarding millions and billions of Nigerian monetary unit here. Some even get many of these expensive cars for themselves instead of one.

Nevertheless, we tend to still have person that even with his financial ability to afford such exotic automobiles, he still prefer the use of his private car rather than defrayal billions of Nigerian monetary unit. Governor Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde, the governor of Oyo State. is that the only Nigerian Governor that still uses his person car while he remains in governor' s office.

His lifestyle deserve emulation, he' s really living by example, God bless him, God bless his state. However, I say Kudos to Makinde of Oyo State for not being wasteful in spending but the main reason for using his personal car is not acceptable to me and my likes. Let me start by saying that, no state in Nigeria is broke. The main problem of most states is how to spend/share our task payers' money for individual' s benefits of the politicians. Even if it' s only the enormous security votes(money) alone, no state should suffer. They pay billions to kidnappers to rescue kidnapped victims. THEN, WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?

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