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See Photos Of Top 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look Older Than Their Real Age

By john123 • 3 weeks ago • 19 • 1

Among our celebrities, we' ve got those that have the appearance of an aged man or woman but they are still young. they incline to possess that sort of deceiving appearance/look which can make it hard for you to guess their actual age. This kind of thing is not synonymous to Celebrities alone, some young people are out there looking older than their age probably because of hard labour, however, cases of these Celebrities are different. in this article, we tend to reveal the real age of the Celebrities listed below.

Our country, Nigeria is blessed such a lot of gifted actors. all of them started from grassroots acting before they become illustrious. currently that their ar illustrious, such a lot of folks have developed an interest in them. The fans would continually prefer to watch their films and admire them. One reality concerning a number of them is that few ranges of them tend to appear older than their real age.

1. The number one person on this list is R. M. D. he' s a Nigerian actor, filmmaker and additionally a professional person. He was born on sixth January 1961. Few months from currently, he would clock sixty years yet looks like someone who is 70 because of his white beards.



2. the number 2 on this list is Don Jazzy. He has that matured look on him. that makes him appear as if he's in his 40s. Whereas he is simply thirty-seven years old.

3. Destiny Etiko is additionally on the list. She's simply thirty years, however, she has the appearance of 40s.


Any time I hear Destiny Etiko, I will remember that beautiful Nigerian girl with big front and a big backside.

4. Korede Bello is simply twenty-four years mature. staring at his photos, you will assume he is virtually 30s.

5. Falz the rapper. you will be tempted to assume he is thirty-eight years. he is solely twenty-nine years.

Drop your comments and reactions regarding their age. Thanks.

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