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See Photos Of 5 Most Spoiled Celebrity's Children In Nigeria

By john123 • 2 weeks ago • 49 • 6

There goes a saying that say " Being Born with a Silver Spoon" This goes out to mean a child being born into wealth and comfort, with no manner of stress at all.

So now I' ll be discussing about 5 celebrities children who are being over pampered and spooky with either gift or outings.

5) Jamil Balogun


Popular Nigerian singer Tiwa savage has only this son after her broken marriage. Maybe thats the reason she but much on her child. Pictures always surface online showing shee and her son lounging, relaxing, and enjoying a lavish life. The singer once said her son had money than a writer at pulseNigria. We never can tell if its true. But she exposes the boy really good.

4) Cameron Okoye


Cameron is the son of Peter Okoye who is a member of the defunct psquare. Despite being alot bit big. His father exposes him to affluence and wealth. With his Instagram pictures showing you how sophisticated he lives.

3) Ned Nwoko' s children

Nigerian politician and business Tycoon Ned nwoko children is part of this list. Ned which is known for having a lot of wives which he takes proof care of. Transfers this care to all hos children. Constantly pictures of his children enjoying lives and living expensively are always shown on social media.


2) Wizkid' s Children(Zion)

Although most of his baby mama' s has been accusing him of abandoning his children that doesn' t seem to be the case of Zion. Wiz kid on net has been showering all his children with gifts. He recently his son Zion a customized diamond neck piece.

Also Decked his son in Gucci that cost about $2, 000 for a single top.

Bought his son a Bentley bicycle.

And Zion also bagged an ambassadorial deal with UK Kids Clothing Line, Childsplay

1) Davido' s Children

Omo baba olowo as normally called has not failed to transfer the love of a father to his children as records has it that Davido has bought his daughter Imade a mini- Bentley convertible.

Davido also has been guilty of buying a $16, 000 wristchain for his daughter from IceBox

Recently it was reported that he bought two brand new diamond studded Rolex watches for his daughters each worth about $80, 000.

What a way of splashing wealth on this small children? What are your thoughts on this.

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