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In today's world, we seem to be bombarded with so much information and it keeps coming even faster than we can consume it which for many people seems to be a major problem. The problem is not the information itself but the rate at which we seem to be consuming it is too slow.

Most of us will want to learn a new skill now and then but there may not be enough time to do so.

In reality, learning takes time so the question is, How fast can I learn?

Improvements in science and Psychology have made us understand more about our brain. We know have new and better ways of learning effectively.

If you are interested in becoming a fast learner here are a few tips that can help you.

1.) Engage All Your Senses

It has been proven that by engaging more of your senses can improve your learning speed. It's been shown that watching a video tutorial and taking notes while doing so improves learning because we engage more of our senses.

Our sight, hearing, and touch are all active while watching the tutorial and writing down specific points. The learning experience is simply improved and we open up our brains to take in more information.

2.) Learn How to Recognize Patterns

By learning how to recognize patterns you help the brain to familiarize things. This will help us memorize new concepts, formulas, and ideas quickly.

Even nature has patterns especially when we begin to observe plants and animals we see a repetition of certain patterns.

For instance, when we see a repetition of certain numbers, words, phrases, sentences, and shapes we should always try to take note. Our brains are naturally designed to recognize patterns and so we should take advantage of this.

3.) Take Advantage of the Power of Mnemonics

Mnemonic devices are a handy tool when it comes to learning something new. We all used them at some point in our lives but never took the time to harness the power mnemonics.

For example, in kindergarten, we've all sang along to "ABC" musicals and poems which up to this day we haven't forgotten.

It doesn't have to be a song it could be something that helps you summarize a concept or helps you remember a long string of words like "ROYGBIV" for colors of the rainbow. Try to always make use of mnemonics it works well especially when you know how to recognize patterns as I mentioned previously.

4.) Minimize Learning Routines

Learning routines may be good for us sometimes but studies have shown that by changing up and modifying your practice we could learn much faster.

For instance, someone learning how to type that usually does so sitting down can decide to also do so while standing.

It should be noted that only changes which are small like the one I previously mentioned are effective. If the changes are too big it could produce a negative effect on learning.

5.) Avoid Distractions

This may not sound new but it has been proven that distractions are a major impediment when it comes to learning.

We need to understand that distractions are not just external factors like trying to keep up with the latest social media posts but internal factors like over thinking about things like what should I wear to my best friend's birthday party and what color should I paint my nails.

Although these are things you may need to think about they should never be done while trying to learn something new. It's a waste of brain energy and we only have so much to expend per day. Manage your brainpower by focusing on the learning task at hand and you will improve your capacit

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