Role of mothers in our society

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Role of mothers in our society

Apart from bringing forth children a mother has to carter for their emotional needs. She plays a vital role in helping a child learn about love and affection. These are lesson that may be just as important as the satisfaction of his physical needs. In order to develop into a well balanced adult, a child needs a warm, secured environment while growing up. Again a mother's role is crucial..So, whatever else a woman might do, children upbringing is her primary function in the society. 

Besides looking after the children, mothers are often their principal teachers. It is mainly the mother or grandmother who patiently teaches the child to speak, to walk and to do house chores and countless other things. Little wonder then, that one's language all over the world is referred to as one's mother tongue rather than "father tongue ". 

However it is perhaps best to save women the abominable role of killers and reserve them for what they are best at. The roles that mothers play differ in levels universally, though basically bringing forth and bringing up the young ones. 

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