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Rise again just like the sun

By barnotech2020 • 10 months ago • 5288 • 1200
Rise again just like the sun

Mike Murdock said, " All men fall but the great ones get back up". The secret of staying up is not the ability to prevent a fall, but the ability to get up each time you fall.

another quote says, "how we rise does not define us but how high we rise after falling". as long as you learn from your past encounters, mistakes and setbacks and you are ready to fight back, definitely, you will rise again.

The problem with most people is that the pass away with their adversities; in their state of faithlessness, they just melt away with their troubles. in life, everything passes; sorrow,sickness,unfortunate situations. But God's love doesn't pass away, so is his word.

The world is in times of peril; COVID-19 pandemic and its effects globally,severe hardship and loss of jobs, Confusion in economies and trading systems, But your ability to hang on without giving up is the only chance you have to overcome your present challenges.

No condition, no setback and no enemy can quench you if you still have that propeller inside of you called HOPE. 

Fight back with hope and be Victorious, never accept defeat even at the point of death

I see your terrible situations roll and pass like a cloud on the afternoon sunshine.


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