Remedy and Causes of Stomach Ulcers

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Stomach ulcers square measure sores within the lining of the abdomen or intestine. They occur once the protecting mucous secretion that lines the abdomen becomes ineffective

The two main causes of ulcers of the abdomen and tiny gut are:
- H. pylori microorganism

- a category of painkillers known as non endocrine anti-inflammatory drug medication (NSAIDs) 

Here are  some common causes:

-Excess abdomen acidity, or hyperacidity: this may occur for a variety of reasons, together with genetic science, smoking, stress, and a few foods.


-Zollinger-Ellison syndrome: this can be a rare sickness that causes Associate in Nursing more than abdomen acid to be made.

If the doctor thinks there's a abdomen lesion, they will try and take away the cause by:
changing the kind of medicament if the cause is assumed to be NSAIDs
trying the "test-and-treat" approach if the cause is assumed to be H. pylori microorganism Once the cause has been removed, the symptoms of abdomen lesions may be treated by protective the ulcer from acid whereas it heals. 

Symptoms usually subside quickly following treatment. However, the treatment ought to be continued, particularly if the lesion is because of Associate in Nursing H. pylori infection. It is conjointly necessary to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and any trigger foods throughout treatment.

Surgical treatments In sure cases, surgery is also Associate in Nursing choice. as an example, if the lesion continues to come back, won't heal, bleeds, or prevents food from going the abdomen.

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