Patience or zeal, which is more important.

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Patience simply means how far we can wait and how long we can  persevere?. 

Patience is a test of time, if we can't pass the test of time then we are not fit for it's reward.  Zeal on the other hand is a supportive trait we must exhibit to gainfully acquire our true possession.

Patience + Zeal are the required input needed for a sustainable output.

In the place of being zealous, it will help you to fight against any form distraction that might want make you give up. So it helps to energize our body system, our morale, in order to pass the test of time.

Patience and Zeal are equivalent, the need for one demand the need for another. So I can possibly term them to be a DERIVED ATTRIBUTES. That's, the need for one will necessitate the need of the other. #RichTruth..

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