Nigerian celebrities with the most Instagram followers

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The list reveals the names of celebrities, their current numbers of followers, the number of people they are following, their occupation and their total number of posts.

10. Mercy Johnson Okojie

The veteran actress is mostly remembered for her role in the popular nollywood movie; ’dumebi’. She currently has over 9million Instagram followers. She opens our list.Current followers: 9.1millionFollowing: 149Total post: 826Occupation: Actress9. Ayo MakunPopularly known as AY, a comedian, actor and movie producer, AY’s journey to the top is very similar to the common phrase: ’jack of all trade’. He’s success in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond speaks volume of why he’s on this list, no wonder he still boosts of one of Africa’s best comedy shows, AY LIVE. Current followers: 9.5million Following: 7412Post: 7932Occupation: comedian & movie producer.8. Don JazzyMicheal Collins Ajereh, popularly known as don jazzy, leader of the Marvin crew. His huge influence in the Nigerian music industry cannot be overlooked, he has also manager to stay very consistent over the years. Don Jazzy is the eighth most followed Nigerian celebrity on our list today.Followers: 9.6millionFollowing: 6745Post: 428Occupation: Music Producer & Marvin CEO7. Peter OkoyeFormerly of the now defunct music group ’psquare’, arguably the biggest music group Africa has ever seen. Peter is a pure entertainer to the core, his talents is not just in music but also in dance. He’s stage performances are to die for, ladies you just have to attend his next concert to know what I mean. Peter Okoye is our seventh most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram.Followers: 9.6millionFollowing: 6893Post: 6671Occupation: Musician & Business man.READ MORE: #EndSars: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Movement In Nigeria.6. Ini EdoThe goddess of nollywood screens, can’t seem to remember a bad movie with Ini in it, it’s no bluff Ini knows are craft so well and her talent in the industry has not gone unnoticed hence her huge followers on Instagram, her fans are in millions. Ini Edo is our sixth most followed celebrity in Instagram. Followers: 10.3millionFollowing: 570Posts: 1621Occupation: Actress5 WizkidStar boy Star boy! The goat of our time, Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid needs no formal introduction, his followers are known as wizkidfc, sounds like a football club yeah? Lol… WizKid’s achievements are endless but top on that list will be the fact that this young man has inspired a lot of other amazing young Nigerian artists to achieve their dreams. He is our fifth most-followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram. Followers: 11.2millionFollowing: 983Posts: 83Occupation: Musician 4 Funke Akindele BelloPopularly known as Jenifer in her hugely successful Nollywood project; ’Jenifer’. Everyone loves Jenifer! No wonder she has 11.5m followers on Instagram, I’m sure mama isn’t satisfied yet though, maybe home responsibility is slowing her pace, we understand but Jenifer please remember our target is 90m followers else we won’t watch your show again. Laughs**Followers: 11.5millionFollowing: 2313Posts: 1449Occupation: Actress3 Tiwa SavageMummy jam jam, we thought Celia was the juju we needed to take over Instagram. Guessing there’s more work to be done. Notwithstanding, 11.8m followers is an amazing number as well. Tiwa’s consistency has been key to this and we can only see her break more grounds.Followers: 11.8millionFollowing: 1044Posts: 377Occupation: Musician2 Yemi AladeMama Africa, steady giving us jams and making us proud across the globe. 12.2m followers doesn’t just come like that, but there’s more ground to cover we believe. You will agree with us that she has been conquering her rivals both locally and internationally, we can only expect more. Yemi is our second most followed Nigerian celebrity in Instagram.Followers: 12.2millionFollowing: 533Posts: 5991Occupation: Musician1 DavidoFollowers don’t sleep here, everything about Davido is just super active. His numbers just keep increasing even though we know it’s because he wants to be the next Michael Jackson because the way this guy is going we don’t think baba sleeps at all. David Adeleke there’s nothing new to say about this young hardworking and fun guy, the only thing we await is probably a grammy. And our number one on the list goes to Davido who tops the list of most followed Nigerian celebrities on Instagram. Followers: 17.7millionFollowing: 62Posts: 4191Occupation: Musician

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