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New Words in the dictionary and their meaning

By nezek • 4 months ago • 2395 • 422
1️. Hangry

What it means: The feeling of anger or irritability you get when you’re hungry.

Where it comes from: Although the Internet has fueled this word’s recent rise in popularity, it was first printed in London Magazine in 1992.

2️. Bougie

What it means: A disparaging term for people obsessed with wealth or its trappings.

Where it comes from: This shortened form of bourgeoise

3️. Predictive

What it means: Describes something that is generated based on predictions made automatically (often by some sort of algorithm).

Where it comes from: “Predictive” as a general adjective has existed since 1637! This more specific use in phrases like “predictive text” has been much more recent, likely coming into fashion in the ‘00s.

4️. Guac

What it means: It’s just guacamole. That’s all.

Where it comes from: This popular abbreviation was first used in 1983—the same year that the first mobile phones were released.

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