*Never give up my dear*

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On the first day of the year, I was discussing or let me say planning with my sister how we want the year to be. While discussing she said this year she is not joining  just any trail but the moving trail.

Just like my sister, many make this decision too but it is not enough to make decisions, you also need to apply action, you also need to involve determination and focus.

The year is still fresh in as much as we are in the first month,if you will take a bold step; 

*You can be whatever you want to be, if your determination is strong enough.* 

 *No amount of challenges can debar you from achieving your goals if you keep being persistent and focused.* 

*Don't believe those who are trying to discourage you from pursuing yours dreams*

*Kindly ignore their discouraging statements on your ability to bringing your dreams into reality*

*Never give up my dear*

*Whenever you think is over, take a moment of your time and think of why you started it*

*You see it?*

*Giving up is a bad idea*

*It's Is_not_late_yet*

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