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Things not to do If Your Wife/Girlfriend Is Menstruating

By frankycool1 • 5 months ago • 4556 • 912

The menstrual cycle in women usually starts when they attain the adolescent age; till they get to the age of menopause. Menstruation refers to the washing of the wall of the uterus in the form of blood, due to the inability of the ovaries that were produced that particular month; to fuse with the spermatozoa which should enable the formation of a new baby.


During menstruation, half of the women in the world go through a lot of difficulties such as abdominal pains, headaches, stomach pains and some even develop pimples or rushes on their body. The duration for all these may last about 7 days, which requires serious attention to be given to it.

At this time of the month, all men should please avoid engaging their lovers in any of the following;

Fighting or quarreling with your wife;

Women are very emotional and needs more love, care and attention during their menstruation period. This is usually the time they lose some amount of blood in their body, hence, they require so much attention from their lovers instead of engaging in activities; that would affect their rest. If you engage them in quarrels or fights during this time, you are likely to cause more harm to her. She may bleed more as a result of such event, and so men are advised to avoid such behavior. 

Women usually use pads to collect the blood that comes out from them, therefore, fighting with them during this period can make the pad to shift; making their body stain with blood. 

Sleeping with her during her menstrual cycle:

Sleeping with her during the menstrual cycle is one thing, that most people don't comprehend why it shouldn't happen. Doctors confirms that, sometimes the woman may become fertile during this stage; but if your desire is not based on the doctors prescription, then it may have adverse effect.

As you may end up incurring more pain on your girlfriend, or wife during this time. You could also be staining your bedsheets. Do you know that even God kicks against sleeping with a woman, during her menstraul period?

Morealso, men should avoid shouting at their woman during menstruation. Shouting makes people get scared and may cause more problems, if you are not careful. During this time, endeavor to be more polite and caring. Show them enough love by helping them massage their body, boil water for washing their bodies, and engaging in sweet conversation with them. It is very wrong for a man to shout at his lover during her time of pain.

Delagating Much House Tasks Or Chores To Her:

Overloading her with various house chores shouldn't be allowed during this time. Menstruation usually make most women to become dizzy, and others may feel very weak. Therefore, you should oversee most of the house chores like, cooking, washing, cleaning the room, taking care of the compound etc. Even if you aren't free enough to take charge of her duties, you could assist her sometimes.

Morealso, try to be calling on your lovers always to check on them during this critical times of the month, get them gifts, assist them in massaging their body, take them to tourist centers, tell them good stories, remind them about your love for them and many other loving gestures that can build her up during menstruation.

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