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National Budget 2020

By faruk12345 • 2 years ago • 2336 • 322
National Budget 2020

On the 8th (Tuesday) of October. President Muhammad buhari went to the NASS to present the national budget of 2020

Budgetary allocations to ministries as announced by PMB:

Works and Housing – N262 billion

Transportation – N123 billion

UBEC – N112 billion

Defence – N100 billion

Agriculture – N83 billion

Water Resources – N82 billion

Education – N48 billion

Health – N46 billion

North East Dec Commission – N38 billion

SIPs – N30 billion

FCT – N28 billion

Niger Delta – N24 billion

And he also said the budget deficit is expected to be N3.8 trillion.

President Muhammad Buhari made his in final speech that GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

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