My encounter with a yahoo boy

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It was a sunny day in the month of October. I never really wanted to go out but my friends persuaded me much that i had to oblige. 

So we went out to a fancy, ordered our and drinks and then we started gisting and laughing. 

3 guys walked past us but one of them came back to where we were seated and said he wanted to me in private.. Hmm i was surprised and thought it was guys usual way of toasting a lady so i went with him. (before then i asked my friends to keep an eye on us incase there's any suspicious movement). 

So when we got outside and stood beside his car,i saw the two other guys that were with him initially. At that point i never knew i was already charmed by the guy. He asked me to enter the guy and i sheepishly followed. 

Fortunately for me,my friends saw what happened and ran to the spot to drag me out(i was at door of the car with one of my leg in it).

It was a chaotic scene that attracted the security men and some passersby. It was then that the charmed started fading and i realized what could have happened to me. 

Finally the guys were arrested and taken into detention. 

Moral lesson :try not to go out with someone you don't know to avoid being in the kind of situation i was in OR worse. And also stay with good friends who will readily to anything for you to help you or keep you safe. 

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