My Advice for Fresh Graduates

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My Advice for Fresh Graduates

Congratulations! Once again congratulations for achieving this feat. Is it 2.1, or 2.2 or even 1.1, but hear this: Your real schooling has just begun. 

If you want to survive in the real world, you will have to keep learning and unlearning, that is keep changing you orientation, keep improving, just keep moving. Jettison the foolish thought that the world owes you a job or recognition because of your certificate. The world owes you nothing. You have to start driving your career like a train. Take a hold of your career and guard it jealously. Have you discovered your purpose in life, if not it’s time to labour to find it and run with it.

The real world is more like chess game than a spelling bee competition, your ability to memorize materials and pour it down in the examination hall is not sufficient for success anymore. Being good and hardworking is not enough, being the first person to get to class is not enough anymore. You need to add strategy to all you do and don’t stop learning.

In the real world, there is no academic calendar drawn for you, there is no specific sequence or route to graduation like you have in school. People in the real world are rewarded for taking risks, seizing opportunities and venturing into the unknown than for memorizing formulas to pass exams.

In summary, my advice to you is: your real schooling has just begun. 

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