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Music as A Concept: Uses of Music.

By rati54 • 9 months ago • 2974 • 419

MMusic as an art has many uses. Music is of many importance to mankind. The following are the importance of Music to people:

1. Music is used during festivals like the new yam festival, ofala festivals and festivals of arts and culture.

2. Sports: Music is used in sporting events like wrestling, football matches etc. This is where the fans play music or sing songs about the club so to motivate the players.

3. Music is used in places of worship to praise the heavenly Father.

4. Music has given teachers who read and learnt it their respective colleges employment to teach In schools.

5. Music is used as a source of income. People who are musicians by vocation make serious money from music. People like Wizkid, Burna boy, Davido , Olamide and a list of them. Music is also responsible for the rise in the GDP of Nigeria. This is because the number of youths that go into music to practice it as a vocation are really making it there.

6. Music is used for healing illnesses like depression, mental disorder. For example, in the Bible, David played his lute to King Saul whenever he was tormented by melancholy. Music is also played for mental disorder patients in psychiatric hospitals.

7. Music is used for expressing oneself or one's feeling and life experiences.

8. Music is important to babies. As it's used as lullaby to make them to sleep.

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