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May we always remember, May we never forget.

By henryblakes • 7 months ago • 26314 • 9709
May we always remember, May we never forget.

Dear Universe,

May we always remember, may we never forget. The Storm of the world will surely rise against us, but our Lord who conquered the Storm will surely come to calm the storms of our lives- The troubles and tribulations we face, will someday come to an end. They are just there for the time given.

May we also remember, May we never forget, Ailments (sicknesses) of the world shall rise too, but the Lord who conquered the devil and death, shall also come to heal our sicknesses. We shall conquer all our demons and afflictions.

May we not loose hope in the face of the troubles and persecutions. May we always be steadfast in faith, looking up to our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross as our hope and salvation. Our Lord will surely come to help us.

May our Lord Jesus Christ Who conquered death and brought us salvation, heal us of all our frailties. May the Easter celebration bring us everything good, bright and colorful.

May we always remember, May we never forget.

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