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Marry your friend and not your crush

By muna89 • 9 months ago • 20028 • 5769

Despite Marriage in the olden days where sacred, still

Our great grand fathers married up to 7wives but few stayed back while the rest left so don't be decieved.

For those of you wanting to marry a cute handsome looking Young Guy, remember that fancy things dosen't last but Original does.

Atimes I see Young ladies talking about marriage in the olden days as if they where born in the olden days.

If marriage in the olden days where juicy as we think, Why did we have so many polygamous families?

The things we should focus more on our relationship are the things we neglect.

Instead of the steady partying, hanging out, clubbing,we should use it to learn our partners.

Gone are the days relationship issues are settled now is break up.

If there is no room for  quarell in a relationship, there won't be room for correction.

Marry your friend and not your crush.

Change your character and stop looking for who will accept you the way you are nobody accepts rubbish.

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