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Production of bread

Good day my fellow lpvites 

Today, I will like to teach us how to make bread. 

Bread is a carbohydrates food that is produced from flour , water, yeast, butter etc. 

Raw materials used in the production of bread.... 

Wheat flour, premix, softener, improver, water, butter.

Premix mentioned above is the already mixed together of salt, sugar, preservatives (calcium propionate), soya bean. 

Machine and equipment uses are... 

Mixing machine, scale, dividing machine, molding machine, oven, pan, tray, rack, basket, knife, bowl, etc.

Production of bread 

Mixing of ingredients 

This is the process by which all required ingredients are weigh and pour inside the mixing machine and allow to mix for certain minutes till it form dough. 

Weighing of dough

This is done by using scale to weigh dough into required size 

Dividing of dough

This is the process by which dividing machine is being used to divide dough into equal sizes. 


The already divided dough is mold using a molding machine to give shape to the bread , then rub with oil. 


This is where dough is been carefully placed into a baking pan and allow to rise for minutes or hour. 


This is where fermentation seize and brown coloration is form.  Where by dough is been baje using oven machine for certain minutes.


This is where bread is been removed from hot pan and allow to cool


Is the final step in production of bread. 

I pray this is approved.... It's my experience during siwes at captain cook bread Osogbo. 

A student of federal polytechnic offa 

Food technology department  , year 2

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