LOVE IS DEAD. Episode 11 [Divorce]

By priscana • 12 months ago • 1687 • 384
LOVE IS DEAD. Episode 11 [Divorce]

Divorce use to be an abomination especially among the black cultured people.

But tell me today! Divorce has become a marriage success national and international flag of failure. Why? Because no one sees anything wrong with it. No one cares. No one is really concerned.

Love is dead in 90% of relationships in the world today. And modernization , new age and era of things are not exempted from the cause.

African relationship and marriage culture has been stolen by the embrace of the white men ways. The divorce culture of Europeans is eating and I must say has eaten our hearts, stealing love for one another from us.

Marriage patience has been lost to court marriages. The church laws are ignored. The traditional marriage rights aren't kept.

Oh! Love need to awaken because our kids are watching. And they won't do any better.

The hidden truth is that Children do what their parents do, not what they are asked to do. 

Only you and I, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend can make this better and to be a good success again.

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