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- Did you know that glucose are stored in the liver and muscles

- Did you know when you yorn , you can't hear the person next to you

- Did you know that not all obessed people are diabetic

- Did you know that when we were children we taught that smaller animals were easy to spell eg mosquito

- Did you know that an unconscious person can hear what you say

- Did you know that biochemists draw reactions that go on in your body as pathways

- Did you know that when you feel aroused, there are electric impulses going on in your body

- Did you know that there is an electron  transport chain in the living body(specifically in the mitochondria)

- Did you that sneezing shows that the nerve endings in your nostrils are still active

- Did you know that shivering when cold is a mechanism for the body to generate heat

- Did you know that glucose can be produced from non glucose precursors eg. Lipids

- Did you know that cholesterol is synthesized by the human body even when there is no intake of cholesterol ( De Novo)

- Did you know that an adult on low cholesterol diet synthesizes 800miligram of cholesterol

- Did you know that bile salts act as detergent to break fats into droplets (aids lipid absorbtion)

- Did you know that individuals think the pandemic is over because the lockdown is over

- Did you know that a fool is someone that doesn't know that He/She doesn't know

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