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LEADERS: Building Organizational Culture that Lasts

By uchey007 • A year ago • 100779 • 721

Now that we’ve looked at organizational culture with a thorough example, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of creating your own organizational culture definition. Organizational culture and leadership are thoroughly intertwined because it’s the leadership that typically decides what the culture will be. Everything your business does is an extension of that culture, beginning with how you treat your employees and ending with how your customers describe their experiences to friends who might not otherwise look at your product or service.

As a leader, one of your first duties – before you even start hiring, should be to decide what your company stands for and what values you want your employees as a group to believe in. These dots create a blueprint you can follow when writing company policies and making hiring decisions, as well as guide the direction of your innovation and customer service. If you’re able to decide which of the types of organizational culture you want your company to have before you even hire, you’re well ahead of the game. You can instill in your employees a deep sense of meaning and ensure that each person you add to the team has a passion for your mission. However, if you’re already years into your business and realize that you’ve never asked yourself, “What is organizational culture?”, you can still make a change.

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