Isuochi: The Journey Of Two Weeks.

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Isuochi: The Journey Of Two Weeks.


Good morning celebrated Lpv members, happy easter Monday and a blessed new week. It has been ages since I wrote a post on this platform last. If you are a new member here this is my advice to you, all the testimonies and alerts you see on Lpv are not magic, yours is not too far from coming.

   My name is Emeka Isuochi of IsuochiTv and am a committed member of this great platform, I joined Lpv on the 26th of Dec, 2019 and I Started cashing out from January 20th, since then I have never gone a week without receiving at least 5k alert from Lpv. My last cash out was on the 28th of March.

    I cashed out 6k that day and when I showed my alert to one of my own boss here (Victor Moses) he told me something that totally changed my mind for good. When he saw the alert he asked if that was mine and I said yes! He told me that I've past the level of withdrawing 6k, 7k, 5k on Lpv, he said I should look at my dashboard (I had already earned more than 100k) he said I should stop asking for all these small monies...my highest one time withdrawal before was 9k. He said I should target 10k or 15k once. This sounded strange to me at first because I knew what 15k meant, it means referring 15 people, be told me how he started and this made me decide that moment that my next withdrawal on Lpv will be big. From that day I set a target of withdrawing 50k once but I didn't tell him, each time I went to him for coupon code to register someone I'd be like "boss it's now remaining 47k before I cash out 50k" he'd thumbs me up and I continued.

    I increased my Lpv referral hunt with people's testimonies and alerts. I kept on doing it and gradually I was on 10k referral and my mind kept telling me to withdraw and start afresh without telling Moses but I was very determined at the same time to hit my target. Fast forward to yesterday which was exactly 15days from my last withdrawal day, I already registered more than 30 people on Lpv and some upgraded to gold, I was on 46k target when I was saying I'd be cashing out 50k by Wednesday but to my greatest surprise as at 22:50 I checked my phone and noticed a mail from Lpv, lo and behold it was a referral bonus of 2k. One of my downlinks upgraded to gold immediately I rushed to my Lpv dashboard to behold 50k staring at me, I was dumbfounded! 

   As at the time of writing this post I made N50000 in TWO WEEKS ON LPV! I will be withdrawing this money soon and the testimony will go viral. 

God bless Lpv, God bless the CEO and may he also prosper all our members. Amen! 

Happy new week and LPV alerts, lead more, smile more and earn more with Lpv.

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