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Is there any benefit of being a cult member ?

By damselsimi • 4 months ago • 3499 • 369

A cult is a group of individuals gathered together in one belief, one rule, and one purpose. Once you're in, they expect you to be in forever, so a member decides to leave , he or she becomes an enemy because they know too much about the secrets of the group.

In our world today especially in Nigeria, most of our youths are lost to cultism. Even from our secondary school boys , most of them are into cultism especially those in public schools and i keep wondering what they find attractive in being a cult member apart from destruction

They have no emotions when it comes to the opposite cult group stepping into their territory , they kill people like its a normal thing and get away with it 

To the upcoming generations, there is no gain in cultism just destruction which leads to early death, talk to yourself and stay safe 

Long live LPV 

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