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Is It Right To Bring A Comedian To The Church?

By amobi • A year ago • 1663 • 177

The issue of bringing comedians to perform their art craft in the church of God is gaining momentum and wider debate every day by day.

Just recently, Rev. Chidi Okoroafor who is the head of the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria, has threatened to query any pastor who hosts comedian in the Assemblies of God church. The General Superintendent of the church who spoke in an interview with Waptvnews, stated categorically that it's highly immoral to bring a comedian to crack jokes in the house of God.

Okoroafor, the head of the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria also threatened to sack any pastor of the church that will engage in such practice even though it's now a big trend in other denominations.

In his words: "It is lack of the presence of God that people now make up with comedians. How can I bring the ‘Night of One thousand Laughs’ to the church? I am vehemently against that. If I see somebody do that in Assemblies of God, I will give him a query. Why would you bring entertainers? It is a lack of the presence of God. When you have the absolute presence of God, why would you go for those worldly things to make-up? The church is not an entertainment center. It is a place where you go to worship God. Some people have derailed. So, if you don’t have entertainers, you will not come to my church again? Then, you are not a worshiper. Good worship and good songs are enough to inspire you. I vehemently condemn that and this is the position of the Assemblies of God, Nigeria."

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