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Is education really the key to success?

By chekkz • 9 months ago • 18477 • 5178

 Yes and No ; It is good to bring to our consciousness that education is not a key determinant of success in life, it is just one of those prerequisites  needed for advancement in the line of succes. Education is a foundational source of acquiring knowledge through learning. And learning is a continuous process of advancement. Learning doesn't end with just the four wall of school (i.e pry, sec, tertiary and the likes). Through learning, knowledge is attained, with knowledge, wealth is derived. 

Education is power ; a set legacy we all need to help us have a stand in order to defend what we've learnt and acquire through it.

The mind of a man who wants to be a success must be consistent. Consistency with the things one do defines if he will actually be successful or not.

Conclusively, I will submit to say that: "Education is a raw material, What you do with those materials determine your results"  Rich Truth... 

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