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Investment decision

By nicholastheresa • A year ago • 1244 • 130

Investment decision of a company involves capital expenditure. Therefore they are referred as capital expenditure decision or capital budgeting decision.

Investment is the allocation or commitment of fund to a long term investment program whose return or benefit have to be realised in the future. 


1. Higher investment return;  the purpose of any investment program is to make higher investment return in the future because no one will investment on things that do not have any benefit.

2.RETIREMENT PLAN; at retirement age, with the help of investment you will have what to fall back to at the time of need.

3.REACH FINANCIAL GOAL; as we grow so those our expenditure increases but with the help of investment we can meet up with those expenditure.

With the help of lpv we can achieve the above listed importance of investment so I urge everyone to cultivate the habit of investing.

Long live lpv

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