Intimacy with the Lord.

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Intimacy with the Lord.


Good day to all Forum members and happy Sunday too.  LPV as brought us together as one family. Thanks to the CEO of LPV Forum . 

What is being Intimate 

    Intimate mean closely acquainted or great familiarity to know something. Intimacy is a two way phenomenon which entails you understanding the person you are intimate with,  what they love, hate, who they are and what they want from you and soon. This is the correct definition of intimacy. So, intimacy is not just prayers. Prayers is just a means of communicating with your Heavenly Father.  God wants His children to really understand Him, and that does not happen in a day.  

   Intimacy with the Lord has several benefits which we cannot exhaust in a month. Intimacy delivers you from a life of trial and error, and brings you into accuracy in life and destiny. Intimacy brings your life into accuracy, and  accuracy produces impact. He made it known in His word: Isaiah 51:1-2, Hebrews 8:10-11. Intimacy is not a gift, it comes with a price. Just as it takes time and comes with a price for a man to know another man,  the same is applicable to becoming intimate with God.  


1. COMPLETE OBEDIENCE: You cannot be intimate with God without complete obedience; not partial or incomplete obedience. Abraham is a good example we can follow when it comes to complete obedience. Exodus 19:5.

2. COMMUNICATE WITH HIM:  Communicating with Him daily helps to build a strong intimacy, through prayer and the His word (The Holy Bible) Hebrews 4:12. 

3. DEDICATE YOUR LIFE: Commit your life to Him.  Let Him be driver of your soul. Exodus 19:6.

I Pray we receive grace to develop intimacy with the Lord, as we move in the journey of Faith. God bless you all and have a glorious week. Amen. 

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