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intelligence: inherited or acquired?

By dave19 • 7 months ago • 14052 • 4030

It Good morning my fellow LPVites and a happy Easter Celebrations everyone. 

  This morning, I just feel like talking about intelligence. One might ask, is it inherited or is it acquired?. In my opinion, both cases apply for intelligence. Intelligence is inherited as well as acquired. 

Many people think that because their parents are very smart people, they will be very smart too. Yes this applies for some people as they do not have a hard time learning but what about those who do not flow with this but still drill themselves and turnout good?

Two very good examples are;

1. Curtis & Dr Ben Carson. His mother was an illiterate, and he was tagged a dunce in his class. But his mother made up her mind that her kids will not turnout illiterates like her. And with that, she ensured that her two boys drilled themselves to study and it paid off. 

 In this case, their intelligence was acquired not inherited.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

  These are two of the greatest footballers to ever live. We all have come to know that Messi has been blessed with the footballing talent from a very very young age and has carried that legacy till now. If you have noticed, his some shows no interest in football like his father. As for Ronaldo, he has had to work very very hard to get to where he is and he has created his own legacy. And his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is a lover of of football.

In their cases, the knowledge of football was inherited in the case of Lionel Messi but not his son. Likewise, It was acquired by Ronaldo but inherited by his son.

       So therefore, Intelligence is inherited as well as it is acquired. Thanks. 

I do hope this is approved.

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