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Dear Penvibers,

I bring to you warm greetings from the CEO, I want to thank all our members for the solidarity and support you guys gave us  while we had issue with our online payment merchant (PAYSTACK). Thanks so much we really appreciate.

 In this post I will be explaining to us concisely how this month’s non activity payment will go, we made some tough decisions, before you get mad at us please read this post till the end, you will realize it’s the only option we have if we want the continuity of this great platform and believe me, we made sure we did a check and balancing of the decision to ensure that all members both new and old, gold and premium benefits from the platform.

Before I dive into the technicalities of this month’s non referral payment, I will like to refresh the memory of old members and bring it to the knowledge of our new members how LPVFORUM generates her income and how it pays her members.

Adverts companies like Google Adsense, Propeller Ads, etc. pay us to place their client’s products and services on our website. They pay us based on the engagements going on our site, and also based on reactions on the products and services they placed on our website, at long run we discover some people started becoming too ambitious of their earnings and wouldn’t stay even 2 seconds on a post before scrolling down to comment therefore not allowing any of the ads to complete loading before leaving the page, that was why we introduce a function to control that.

Concerning new member’s registration fee  this is its breakdown: registration fee as we all know is #1500, #1000 goes to the Up-line of the new member and #200 goes to a vendor that sold the code that was used for the activation and the remaining #300 is what the platform get to her purse per new member. These monies are what we use to pay activity earners.

Back to the   tough decision we made, ANY MEMBER THAT HAS WITHDRAWN NON REFERRAL EARNINGS TWICE WONT GET PAID, we know  that this decision is going to get our prestigious old members really angry, but this is for the betterment of the platform, If we dont do it this way it will be difficult for us to pay new members who have not in any way benefited from this platform, I understand how disappointing this could be but I want to beg us to make this sacrifice for the betterment of this platform. In our attempt to balance things up, we have increased the number of available posts per day so that you can earn enough LARS point to enable you use the Activate4code, at least you should be able to conveniently make #10000-#15000 LARS point and convert it into  coupon codes which you can either sell to any coupon vendor, or us  to register  new prospects and get their registration fee into your pocket and as well get referral bonus for registering them, please bear with us as we will won’t stop working to come up with better and juicy offers to make sure our members are happy and the platform is thriving.

I will also be talking about other conditions that must be met to avoid your request being declined. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 80% OF MARCH SPONSORED POST ON YOUR TIMELINE AND YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU SHARED THEM CORRECTLY. What do I mean by sharing it correctly? You must share it either from our facebook page or from CEO Timeline depending on how the post was created.

to see the picture illustration kindly take out time and visit this post https://lpvforum.com/how-to-avoid-withdrawal-decline



If you get a withdrawal decline ensure that you check your Facebook timeline and make sure that at you have at least eight (8) sponsored within the time-frame of Feb 28 to March 21st, and ensure you shared them correctly as illustrated above before lodging a complain, getting a withdrawal decline doesn’t mean you won’t get anything at all for this month, you can simply convert your earnings to coupon code and sell to any coupon vendor and get your money paid to your account. CLICK HERE the list of our accredited coupon vendors any of them will sell the code for you.
Lastly, if your Facebook link is not set correctly on your Facebook timeline your withdrawal will be declined. Please also ensure your bank details are correctly set as well.

The whole world is going through a difficult time because of the widespread of the corona virus pandemic, please let’s abide by every instruction given by health personnel… STAY SAFE together we can beat this.


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