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Good day everyone

This is a general announcement.

I announced earlier that I won't be around. I'm currently at a camp ground in Abuja, that's why I've been unable to attend to all the questions in my DM.

First and foremost, I'll like to apologise for the fact that sponsored post hasn't been coming up. It's so tight here, I don't have any time to do sponsored post. 

Pls bear with me for the main time. By tomorrow, you should be expecting sponsored post. That's all for sponsored post.

Concerning posting of news/articles, I'm unhappy about it because most of you aren't obeying the rules. You've been posting copied content on the site which is against our rule.

Now, I'm sounding the last warning; if you're caught posting copied content, you'll be banned for 5days... I'm sure you know how much you'll have to loose in that 5 days... after which if you're caught again, your account will be gone for life. So pls, don't let us fight. Adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of this great platform so everything will go wonderfully well.

In conclusion, concerning the payment, we have upto 500 member request which we have to pay. I'm happy to announce to you that payment will start rolling in from Sunday night.

Pls I don't want any disturbance in my DM. I have said that thousands of time that I don't want messages in my DM yet you guys aren't complying.

I'll keep ignoring you if you keep disturbing, so respect your self.

All challenges will be resolved as soon as I'm back from camp. If you make sense, I'll give a reply to your questions.



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