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Importance of jokes and humor in life

By musty56 • 9 months ago • 2676 • 405
Importance of jokes and humor in life

Humor is an essential fragment of the behavioral and emotional system that supports life. It is important for individuals to smile and laugh every once in a while. This is beneficial for the health as well as the mental state. There are plenty of other benefits that a joke can render in an ordinary human life.


Jokes invariably refers to those stories which are strictly meant for amusement or laughter. Such humor and fun can spice up our life by effectively bringing in happiness. It can be either a Long or a Short Joke; the underlying purpose is to make people laugh and feel jovial.


The advantageous aspects of laughing are countless. So much that there are even clubs that go by the name – laughing club. Let us look at some of the benefits which make jokes and the successive laughing better than just an annoying act at certain times of reference.

1. Health Benefits – Jokes can make people laugh and this impacts the blood circulation. Humorous sessions are often considered as good times for individuals with heart and other cardiovascular problems. It also indirectly improves the immune system by increasing infection fighting antibodies. It also reduces pain by releasing endorphins, known as the body’s natural chemical for feeling good.

2. Relaxation – A Long or Short Joke can relieve us from tension and physical stress. With a busy and unforgiving work schedule, many urban working folks long for humorous sessions. Hearty laughter sessions can make us forget all the tensions momentarily, and the achievability of an answer to all those tension may seem highly likely after that. It also efficiently improves the mood by reducing anxiety and fear.

3. Social Benefits – Most of us are accustomed with television programs on stand-up comedy. People love the liveliness generated by such programs. Likewise, jokes and humor can bring people together. It reduces conflict and promotes strong relationships. There are lists of funniest short jokes of all time in internet; there are folks who go through and share such lists and stories only to socialize. Humor also allows people to express their feelings without any inhibition or hesitation.

Developing a Sense of Humor

Humor is considered as an essential characteristic feature. It brings out the lighter side of our personality in an easy manner. It also helps in attaining an inclination towards acceptance, which is a good addition to the attitude one carries.

Certain ways in which this characteristic can be acquired are, by – laughing at ourselves, lightening up in unnecessarily tensed situations, keeping things in perspective, personal dealing with stress, paying attention to childish emotions at times. Such facets can potentially help in overcoming some of the most difficult challenges in life.

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