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Huawei Nova 8, the strangest Huawei mobile of 2020

By horyiin • 5 months ago • 1176 • 247

In 2020 we have seen many strange devices from different brands. It cannot be said that Huawei has been at the forefront of these rare and strange terminals. Within its own catalog there are not very remarkable terminals when we talk about curious designs. Today the new Huawei Nova 8 , a high-end device with a design that stands out from the rest. It is a curious terminal because of the shape of its camera and the curvature of your screen . There aren’t too many details of its features, but the camera seems to stand out above the rest.

This is the Huawei Nova 8, strange camera and very curved screen


There are several press images that have been leaked of this Huawei Nova 8 . The first thing you should know is that this device will be launched first in China and then, if necessary, it will launch in Europe . Yes, we will most likely see it under another name.

In general it is a rather strange terminal which comes with a very unusual camera module. It is an oval module with 4 photographic sensors and an LED flash . The main sensor stands out, as it is the largest and stands out above the rest. This makes us think that the photographic section of this terminal will be one of the big bets.

At the front there are also interesting details. The most remarkable thing is its curved screen , which comes with a curvature angle similar to that of other Huawei. Yes it’s a waterfall screen which aims to the side bezels are not visible from the front. The usefulness of this screen is rather little beyond the design solution.


The front camera of this Huawei Nova 8 is double and stands out for its small size. In other devices such as the Huawei P40 Pro, the front camera occupied a large space , something that does not happen in this device.

It is a rather curious device that will arrive shortly from Huawei. It will be launched in 2021, so it is the first device that makes the design line of Huawei phones clear for next year: curved screens, many cameras and holes in screen .

What do you think of this Huawei Nova 8?



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