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Good day penvibers,

I bring you warm greetings from the CEO and entire management of LPVFORUM.  We are glad we all made it to the month of September. Here’s wishing you a blessed and resourceful month.

Recall that in an earlier post 'FACT VS FICTION; HOW PEOPLE THINK LPVFORUM MAKES MONEY', it was explained in detail how we raise revenue to finance payment of activity earnings. However, in view of recent happenings, we feel obliged to explain how this revenue is shared.

Ads revenue is shared based on how it is received. Recall that in the recent past 

. We shared 3 thousand Naira for 4 thousand LARS

. With dwindled revenue, we resorted to 3 thousand Naira/4 thousand Naira cash plus one (1) premium coupon for 10 thousand LARS

. As revenue declined, it became 3 thousand Naira for 10 thousand LARS

Last month, it was 2 thousand Naira for 8  thousand LARS

From the trend above, you will notice that there’s no fixed/defined sharing formula for ads revenue. Ads revenue is basically shared based on 

1. The revenue received from our partners (Google and MGID)

2. The number of people eligible for payment in that month

For the month of August, based on the factors above and due to the meagre revenue, the only way revenue could go round is by multiplying activity earnings by 0.1

As revenue improves, the sharing formula will definitely be better.

However we have identified measures that can help boost ads revenue which members could graciously implore

1. Avoid using browsers that have ads blocker feature. What we share is ads revenue, hence it will be criminal to block ads on your device and still expect to share massively from ads revenue.

2. Unique I.P address. It is common knowledge that every device (phone or laptop) has an I.P  address. These addresses in unique terms helps raise revenue immensely. This is only achievable with new referrals.

At management level, we will continue to put measures in place to serve you better. We have always maintained our place as the number 1 activity earning paying site in the country. 

Together, we can boost ads revenue for our collective good.




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