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How Useful Egg Shell Is

By lovaboiayo • 5 months ago • 1376 • 274
How Useful Egg Shell Is

Do You Know?

You Can Use Egg Shell In Washing

 A happy new month is in order. Welcome to the second half of the year. Today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite household DIYs. Let’s fight the dirt together.There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to remove burnt patches or dried food from a pot or pan. You try the cleaning powders and they take forever to work. Before they eventually clean the pan or po kissWhat if I told you that the secret one-time stain remover has been lying in your trash can all these while and you didn’t even know it? Curious? It is EGGSHELLS! They make for good abrasive cleaning powders. They work fast and are less toxic than the chemically made cleaning powders. There’s a low chance of skin irritations when used and it is definitely kids friendly. So no more running away from chores.

How To Make it

1. Find Egg Shells

2. A mortar

3. Grind it to power

4. After it's done, add a little bit of liquid soap to your palm, apply the powder to it, and try using it to wash your pot

And there are a lot of things to use it for also, like making egg calcium, you should try that it's healthy,

A lot of amazing things done with egg, I'm just finding out tho, you can too❤️

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