How to use punctuation marks 2 (contd)

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How to use punctuation marks 2 (contd)

Quotation Marks ["]

Use quotation marks to indicate what somebody has aforementioned directly.

The prime minister aforementioned, "We can win the election." 

"I will come back these days," she said, "but not tomorrow."

Colon [:]

1. Use a colon to introduce a listing of things.

There square measure 3 positions in hockey: goalie, defence, and forward.

2. Use a colon to introduce a protracted quotation.

The prime minister said: "We can fight. we are going to not surrender. we are going to win subsequent election."

Semicolon [;]

1. Use a punctuation to affix connected sentences along.

The pageant is incredibly popular; folks from everywhere the planet visit annually.

2. Use a punctuation in lists that have already got commas.

The 3 biggest cities in North American nation square measure Toronto, Ontario; urban center, Quebec; and Vancouver, B.C.

Dash [-]

1. Use a touch before a phrase that summarizes the concept of a sentence.

Mild, wet, and cloudy - these square measure the characteristics of weather in Vancouver.

2. Use a touch before and when a phrase or list that adds additional data within the middle of a sentence.

The children - capital of South Dakota, Laura, and Ashley - visited the shop. 

Most Canadians - however not all - voted within the last election.

3. Use a touch to indicate that somebody has been interrupted once speaking.

The woman aforementioned, "I need to raise - " once the earthquake began to shake the area.

Hyphen [-]

1. Use a hyphen to affix 2 words that type one plan along.



2. Use a hyphen to affix prefixes to words.



3. Use a hyphen once writing compound numbers.



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