How to take care of nail and hand

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1.Acetone is commonly used as the nail polish remover. They are strong removers but can make the nails lose its shine and make them dry and easy to break. Non acetone removers contain ethyl acetate and are much gentler. They may take more time and effort to remove color but at least do not destroy your nails after their work is done.

2.he nails in our toes also deserve the same amount of care as the nails on the fingers of the hands. They might stay hidden from public view when you are wearing shoes, but this makes them all the more vulnerable to problems. The dark and moist environment is a hot bed for fungus to grow. So do not forget your toenails. They also deserve the same attention as your fingernails

3.There is a proper way of filing the nails. To keep the nail strongest, avoid back and forth filing. Filing of the nails should be done only in one direction. The filing of nails helps them to become thick while making them smooth and even.

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