How to remove though stains

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Though stains on clothes or fabric has been the reason why a lot of people have abandoned their favorite clothes.    

  Stains can be gotten from different ways such as inks stains, rust,blood etc.

 I will be sharing some chemicals and how to apply the chemicals to remove your stains.

 1. INK STAINS REMOVAL: Apply lettle of the chemical using spatula at the affected part then gently scrub till the stains removes then wash fabrics thoroughly with water and detergent.

2. RUST STAINS REMOVAL: Apply lettle chemical on the affected part of the fabric using spatular. Don't scrub the fabric just wash and immediately the stains remove, wash the fabric without delay.

Note: rust chemical is very dengerous and can cause great damage if handle with care.

More tips and ways to remove though stains will be given in my subsequent post.

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