How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages Easily

By soliat • 2 months ago • 2687 • 764

Before now, there were times I logged into Whatsapp and saw that someone dropped a message for me, then deleted it. At such times, I wished I had superpowers to "undelete" those messages so I could read them. 

Well, if you've ever found yourself in such a situation, now you can.

How to Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

It's very easy to do so. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple store and search for this App Notisave.

2. Download and install it on your phone.

3. Open the app setting and tick every other app it brings up except, Whatsapp, like the example below.

That's all your news. From henceforth, you'll be able to read every deleted message on Whatsapp.

You'll also be able to read messages without the sender knowing as those two blue ticks won't appear.

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