How to prepare Ukwa (bread fruit)

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How to prepare Ukwa (bread fruit)

Ingredients needed are as follows

1.....ukwa (breadfruit)

2..... Palm oil





Here we would show you the processes of preparing the known igbo meal known as Ukwa aka breadfruit 

Firstly: get a bowl and pour the Ukwa which you have bought from the market into the bowl and then get at least a jug of water because Ukwa is a kind of food that's needs washing thoroughly,so pour the Ukwa into the bowl and wash,wash for about two to three times to remove both sand and shaft.

Secondly: When this is done then you bring your pot and pour the Ukwa inside add some quantity of water and then cover.

Ukwa takes a very long time to get soft unlike other food that is about 30 to 45 min sometimes Ukwa take 2hours to get ready for consumption that is why u are advised to soak before boiling

THIRDLY: when the Ukwa is soft bring it down,Get your pepper and onion grind both together and then sieve away the water of the Ukwa aside,when you are done grinding then you add some quantity into the water and some into the moisture Ukwa then stir the Ukwa,get your palm oil add a small quantity and stir for about 3 min.

Then add your salt and stir,when this is done then u take a taste of it to know if u can still add more salt ,if no then food is ready

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