How to prepare stew without frying the tomatoes

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Good morning Lpvites How you  doing  is another week to earn more money. 

Today I will be sharing with you how you can prepare stew without having to fry the tomatoes.  


1. Fresh tomatoes 

2. Crayfish

3. fresh fish




7 maggi

8 curry powder  and onga

First of all steam your fish after steaming remove the fish and put in a plate then add one cup of water to the fish water let it boil say 5 to 10mins after you put your crayfish onions pepper salt Maggi and fresh tomatoes allow it to steam for 10mins then add your scent leaf or Ugo leaf. Your delicious stew is ready to be served. Try this stew recipe and thank me later. 

Thank you Long live LPV 

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