How to make your skin look flawless

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Every woman deserves a glowing skin, here I would be giving tips on how to achieve a flawless yet glowing skin...

1. Cleanse your skin: This helps to remove dead skin cells and open up your pores for the main skin work. You can cleanse using a cleanser or DIY cleanser 

2. Exfoliate :As the name implies, this involves scrubbing your skin so as to rejuvenate your skin and make it look silk and soft like a baby.

3. Steam: This helps open your skin pores,  you can do this buy using steam from boiled water, and take note not to put your face to close to the steam so as to avoid steam burn.

4. Face mask: There are plenty face masks including DIY, so u can pick your preference. This face mask help to give your face a new high definition.

5. Moisturize: This helps your skin to stay hydrated all day long and also avoid cracks and dry skin.

6. Tone: This helps to remove any skin blemishes and make your skin flawless and leaves your skin glowing like the sun..

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