How to make unfried fruit tomatoes stew.

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How to make unfried fruit tomatoes stew.

Stew as we all know is everyhome food. This delicacy goes almost with everymeal such as rice, yam, plaintan, potatoes etc.

  But if one is not careful, you could end up packing your stew with lot of cholesterol( unhealthy fat) during preparation. 

  Therefore the following are ways to prepare fresh fruit tomatoes stew: 

1.Blend the fruit tomatoes/pepper with garlic, ginger and onion......

2. Put into the pot to boil, after sometime when you noticed those boiling holes in the pot.....

3. Add your chicken or meat stock that had already been seasoned and per-boilded....

4. Add salt, maggi and all other spice to taste

As simple as that, your fresh fruit tomatoes stew ready to serve, no high cholesterol no heartburn.  

Eat healthy, stay at home healthy. Long live lpv. Thank you.

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