How to make simple,sweet and sumptuous Fried rice

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How to make simple,sweet and sumptuous Fried rice



2.Vegetable oil


4.Green peas and Green pepper

5.Green beans and onions


7.habanero(ata rodo)




11.seasonings-Maggi,Salt,curry and Thyme.


1.Rinse and Chop the vegetables into small chunks,the pepper, carrot,liver etc.

2.Rinse your chicken very well and put it in a clean pot and add curry,thyme,salt and Maggi and water and boil for 20minutes.

3.Drain the chicken stock and seperate the chicken then fry it on low medium heat till it golden brown.

4.Boil the liver if u want and fry it then set aside.

5.put up a clean pot add half cup of vegetable oil and fry some onions for 5minutes on medium heat.

6.start adding the vegetables like peppers,liver,carrot one after the other and leave it to fry for 7minutes.

7.Add Green peas and Green beans and stir properly,sprinkle a pinch of salt to give it taste then give it another 2minutes

8.Add your chicken little of your chicken stock to it and let it boil for a while about 2minutes.

9.Add your parboiled rice or if you don't parboil rice u can rinse your rice properly and add to it and add 2 boullion cubes and a teaspoon of salt.

10.let it cook for 25 minutes,afterwards u keep checking if it's soft.when it's soft and well cooked stir it properly.

11.Serve hot with your fried chicken and enjoy your meal.

Thanks for reading.

GOD bless LPV

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