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How to make Easter Count

By elijah222 • 10 months ago • 21770 • 8885
How to make Easter Count

Easter is the most important celebration in the Christiandom,to therefore take maximum advantage of this celebration,it's important we understand what and why we are celebrating.

As much as we celebrate,Easter also brings to bare a time of soberness for the Christians around the world,for the Roman Catholics they don't eat meat the Friday before the celebration termed "Good Friday".

This they do to portray the importance of the season and the significance of sobriety and humility it ought to bestow on the Believer in Christ Jesus.

A Brief Cross reference of Jesus's life and it's significance this season

1. Came as a Lamb and today he is the Lion of the tribe of Judah

2.When he came gifts were offered him,but today he gives men gifts

3.He was born of a virgin and buried in a virgin tomb.

4. He started his work in The Temple and ended it on the Cross.

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