How to make coconut oil: frying method

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Hello fellow LPVites,

today I would be teaching us how to make coconut oil

Coconut oil is healthy and very useful. It can no used:

For Cooking

For a healthy hair

for a glowing skin

for a smooth face

it can also be used to make other oils like; carrot oil, avocado oil, aloe Vera oil, etc.


Get large quantities of coconut 

break and remove coconut shells 

dice coconut into small pieces (small enough to be blended)

Blend your diced coconut with a blender. Note: add warm water at interval when blending 

sieve your blended coconut using a sieving bag. This way, the coconut milk is separated from the shaft

after sieving, pour the milk in a transparent bucket and leave to settle for three hours

After waiting for three hours, you will notice that the real coconut milk and separated from the water, that is, the milk stays up while the water remain at the bottom 

Scoop the milk gently,

fry the scooped milk until you notice the oil coming out. Avoid letting it burn in order to get a fine clear oil

I hope this get approved and also be useful to you 

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