How to live an impactful life

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Many people often ask these questions every time. How can I live an impactful life? What is an impactful life? What is life all about? Am I living up to my expectation.

Your life is impactful when you are living to help others, you touch many lives with your virtues and talents.Your endowment and gifts are being used to better the lots of others

Your life is beneficial for others as you reach out to them,then your are impactful

Here are three ways to have an impactful life.

1.Give your time

 Time is precious and many value it that they cannot let go a bit of their time for others. When you volunteer in an area you are passionate about is powerful and is often more impactful than any amount of money. There are so many people and organizations and the needs are immense. Volunteering is a great way to connect with others in your community or around the world. People had taken so many mission trips to third world countries and impacts they make by helping to build a school, a house, or even digging a well. Often, we feel like we’re too busy to volunteer but there are so many ways we can contribute our resources.

2.Give your resources

Many people I know are generous with their resources. They pay tithe to the church, give money to non-profits, or lend helping hand to someone in need. Some are generous in charity because of a personal experience and they know their money will be impactful in so many other lives.Even some give to help fight against the pandemic of covid-19.No money is too small to give

3.Give your idea and experience

When you have good idea that can help others don't be selfish with it,share the idea and life will be better for others. Experience you gained can be useful for fellows.When you guide someone in threading a path such one never thread before because of your experience you are impactful.

I know I can be impactful with so many people and I know you can too. Listen, share your life experiences. There are people in our community that need help. Volunteer with an organization that you have a passion for. If you would like help in discovering your passion for an organization that can benefit from your involvement, let’s talk. 


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