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How to live a holy life

By samueldaudu • 9 months ago • 23022 • 8701
How to live a holy life

Love. God’s love in and through our life becomes so prevalent that many theologians make perfect love synonymous with holy living. You can read more about that love right here.

Obedience. I know this is not necessarily the most popular concept in our culture but holy living means we are following Jesus every day and are obedient to his perfect will for our lives. There is no disappointment in this obedience.

Power. As you will discover below, holy living is a consequence of have the Holy Spirit reside in your life. The Holy Spirit is God and has all his power which means the power of God resides in you as you live a life of holiness!

Intimacy. When we are holy, we have a perfect fellowship with God. He shares himself fully with us as we share ourselves fully with him. Throughout scripture, the imagery of husband and wife is used to illustrate the relationship with God and his people.

Devotion. By this, I mean we have a great desire to be in worship, to participate in prayer and be employed in the reading and study of the Bible. Devotion enriches our lives in ways that cannot even be measured.

Compassion. You cannot be participating in holy living and be mean spirited. Jesus is our greatest example of holy living and he had unending compassion for everyone. He was even grieved in his heart for his persecutors and forgave those who executed him as he hung from the cross!

Focus. Holy living gives a new focus in our lives. We recognize that all we do is for the purpose of God and the glory of God. We don’t follow every trend but only follow Jesus.

Purity. The holy life is a life that is free from sin. To be holy means to be fully separated for God’s purposes. We know that God is sinless. He uses the word holy to describe himself and his people.

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