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How to know if your partner really loves you

By squadron001 • 10 months ago • 20431 • 6870

Love is a beautiful thing, to fall in love with the right partner is a good thing but finding the right one is very hard, i know some of us have been through heartbreak especially with the people we truly love most, here below is the tips to know if your partner loves you

#1 he/she will always after your welfare considering you first in what ever he/she does

#2 He/she will always surprise you even when you never expected it

#3 He/she will tell you everything happening to them, sharing problems with you

#4 He/She will be proud to show you to the world

#5 He/she will always be down to whatever you tell them

#6 He/She will never look down on you

#7 He/She can call you 10 times in a day

#8 He/ She will always be jealous if he/she sees you with another person

#9 Both of you will always act like a comedian for you to make you happy 

#10 He/She will always make you happy in every way 

N.B, to know if your partner loves you, pretend like you don't love him/her, never show it even if you love the person and see their reaction, if he /she does all the above mentioned , then He/she truly loves you..

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