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Hey guys, today I'll be talking on how to grow your IG account. It has been the trend of late for people wanting to have many followers. So here's how;

The first tip you should know, is that Instagram is somehow synonymous to Life, that is: 

In Life: we often show love to who show us love

In IG: You should as well Follow who Follow you and Unfollow who Unfollow you.

People complain that no matter how they follow people, people don't follow them back and trying to unfollow those who didn't follow back they end up unfollowing the ones following them.

For that, I'll be recommending an app;  Followers Assistant and for IOS users, Captivate.

With the app you'll be able to see who's following back and who's not.

NOTE: Do not follow or unfollow more than 200 people per hour, to avoid being blocked temporarily and never ever do more than 200 followers in an hour or more than 1000 in a day.

You would notice I've been talking about unfollowing, the reason you are unfollowing is because you do not need people who dont follow.

Now, we'll talk about how to gain followers.

The first way to gain followers is to follow celebrities and many of their followers will follow you.

You see all these celebrities amass lots of followers daily and so when you act as a strong fan, you become visible and you're followed and make sure to follow back.

Now go to followers assistant and unfollow all the celebrities so you can do it again !!! So basically, we've used celebrities as means to gain followers and the reason that works is because people follow celebrities and so your following them makes your account visible to their followers and so they follow you

Now the second method to gain followers is FOLLOW TRAIN PAGES.

A Train Page is one that has a culture of encouraging it's followers to follow each other at certain times of the days. How they work is this:

They'd post and then you go there and comment on the post and then follow the people that comment in the first 5 mins because (those are the active followers)You want active followers on your account.

To be sure you're aware when they post. You'll turn on notification for their posts so that you can see it to go and like and comment and follow those who like and comment that minute up to the 5th,Because it's a follow train page, they'd follow you back

After another 10-20 mins you'd go to your followers assistant to unfollow all those who didn't follow back.

The next way to grow followers on Instagram is if you have a business page and you want only people interested in what you do to follow you and not random Nigerians. This is for Brands or Businesses

Now what you do is you must know the leaders in your niche. The ones with lots of followers and engagements. You follow them and turn on their post notification, and so when they post, you go, like and comment and follow all the people who like and comment in the first few minutes.

They will follow back because if they like what that big guy is posting, they'd most likely, like what you the small guy is doing and be motivated to follow.

Those people in the early minutes are the active followers and so you should follow them

After 10 mins or so however, you unfollow those that did not follow back and repeat the process with these methods done daily

1. Celebrities

2. Follow train pages

3. Brands/Businesses

You can grow to 0_1000 followers.

Done committedly you can get 200 followers every day and in the space of 1 week, you can get for 0 to 1000 followers.

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